The confirmation of Western and Japanese in video game stereotypes

  Introduction There is truth to the statement that different cultures produce different values, rules and beliefs, and they portray them in different styles even though they are using the same medium in different cultures. This of course also applies to video games. Even though much has been already been said about the differences between […]


The Big Gender Debate—Guys and Girls and the Games They Play.

It’s long been a norm, so to speak, that guys play video games and girls, well, they don’t. Why would girls be interested in video games? They’re all about killing things, violence, obscenities, and that tricky hand-eye-coordination, right? Why on earth would girls care anything about that? Even when it started to become apparent that […]


Future Of Translation

25 The art – and, by nature, industry – of translation has existed for almost as long as the written word itself: first the Sumerians invented the transcribed word, then other civilizations caught on and developed their own. Somewhere along the way, someone came across the writings of some group of people apart from their […]


Machine Translation and the Future of Translation

There is a saying that has been going around the translation industry for the past few decades: “Machine translation is between 5 and 50 years away from perfection”. Although this is clearly a bit sarcastic and cynical, it also makes very good sense. Compared with the machine translations of 10, 20, or 30 years ago, […]


Crushing Fans’ Dreams: Why Some Sequels Work While Others Run Aground

Have you ever wished that your favorite game could go on forever? Have you ever wished for a sequel? Limitless sequels? Prequels?! Everyone wants more. Whether you’re waiting in line at the Starbucks and wondering if you should go for the grande or the venti, or you’re a die-hard Super Mario RPG fan who’s still […]


Localizing the Fantasy: A Look Inside the Video Game Localization Process

Localization. One of those words that gets thrown around all the time in the gaming world. Games aren’t translated, per say, they’re localized. Yes, this does, of course, include translation, but it also comprises numerous things that gamers playing a freshly localized copy of Death Zombie 89 or Free Fantawilly would never realize. Admittedly, many […]